Hello! Sorry for the late check in

it really took forever to get satellite internet set up. I didn’t realize just how much I do on line to manage our lives. I think I need to adjust that somewhat being as far out as we are now.

Anyway we are still unpacking but really enjoying our new location. It’s cold already which is new to us (Atlanta is called Hotlanta for a reason!) The move itself was a total budget buster. No matter how carefully I planned all these unexpected things kept popping up. In the end I decided that I was damn lucky to have dragged 7 kids and 1 neurotic dog to the other side of the country with out illness or injury and I should just be glad for that!

So here I am in the long desired spot, with a really broken budget BUT also a plan. I had a 3 month plan to get us right back to where we were when we left. But then hubby calls and says he thinks it’s time get out NOW. Our income would plummet from 6K to 1K per month. THAT TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT. I have no idea how to make that adjustment that fast. We are not ready. The plan was to bring him home once we had a second truck and money for tools and then there was a certain mark we wanted to hit on the snowball too. He works as a carpenter so a truck and tools would be essential for him. But he is the one dodging bullets and bombs (not a hyperbole) and so I can’t tell him to stay. I’m glad we are moved already, but ending his overseas contract right now scares the jeepers outta me. Our local is so remote that jobs for me and the kids are not really an option. The nearest grocery store is 79 miles away. I know that sounds nuts, but the plan was to be here in time for spring planting so that we could be self sufficient by next summer. I was counting on the regular and large paychecks for months and months to come. Ending that suddenly is almost like an emergency. But at the same time, IF IF IF he does stay there it will be ending soon anyway (Halliburton’s gonna have to pull their people soon) and I think it’s better to jump now while there is work here for him, even though it’s only going to net us about 1K per month.

He has a reasonable (not awesome) life insurance policy but why do we want a job where the amount of his life insurance is even a factor?!