I’m sure others will have a lot of pointers

on this-or-that aspect of your post. But I’d be very happy and motivated to talk with you, on-list or off-list, about the issues of setting up a rural living which will be tolerable for the short-term, and consistent with what you are looking to achieve long-term. The imminent loss of your husband’s job is a huge complication, true. But it’s do-able, and I daresay having him home, safe and sound in once piece, is infinitely preferable to worrying about his day to day safety. So, keep unpacking, let’s start to talk more specifics about your finances and how to go from $6K to $1K without going totally insane. We might flirt with some crazy notions but let’s keep you on this side of that ragged edge. Just breathe deeply, in-out-in-out, every time you start to feel overhwhelmed. And know that other folks have been where you are and have weathered the storm. Get your hubby back to safety, and we can help you figure out the rest.