I’ve come to realize that you are a tough chick

but I had NO idea you were planning on doing this cross country move, complete with your huge brood and the animals by your self! I’d thought you were doing this move after your husband came home from overseas. Wow. You are impressive. I’m so very proud of you. You must have wanted this move alot more than I’d realized. So tell me, do you have a landlord? If so, please tell me someone had already checked this person out for you. You seem to have the knack of attracting the landlords from hell for whatever reason.

So, what is the long term plan, and what do you have to work with so far (meaning, housing, land, etc.)? What made you decide to choose the particular location you did? Do you have any family in the area?
As for your husband. I’m terribly sorry things have gotten to the point it has for him. Isn’t he in Afghanastan? I would think if he feels the need he to come home now, he knows what’s best. We have a lot of prayer warriors here, and you know, all you need to do is ask for prayers for his safety and for wisdom in make the decision for when he needs to get back home (which sounds like now from what you’ve written).