How in the world do you hook up with every whacked out landlord out there?

Heck your landlord adventures from hell could be a series in itself. Lol Believe me, you are a reality series in the making. Sort of Lucille Ball, the Duggers and the Pioneer Woman all wrapped into one.
Glad dh is finding work and I think you have a wonderful plan. My son is doing his college interning right now out at a ski resort in Tahoe. He’s in ski industry management. He wants to get his EMT certification next. His goal is to be one of those people on ski patrol who does avalanche control. He wants to live on which ever side of the equator has snow at any given time. I hadn’t realized he’d need EMT training for this job, but it makes sense, plus I would think it would be invaluable experience to have. It sounds as if you’re finding a great niche job for yourself

It’s cool that you’re buying land At least you’ll finally be putting down roots. You have to keep us posted on those adventures, because, knowing you, it WILL be an adventure!