I realize that

and I posted it in hopes that someone would be able to use something from my experience, however little. And I forgot to mention! I found the posts from the former higher-level pins (4000 PV, 7500 PV, platinum, emerald) extremely helpful in terms of “building credibility” (ha! I still talk like an IBO) with your loved one who no longer wants to listen to you. Yes, it is SO frustrating to have your beloved brother tell you, “You don’t learn how to be wealthy from someone who isn’t wealthy. These Diamonds are wealthy, so I’ll only listen to them.” But if you at least talk about a higher-level pin who left the business because they learned about some shady things, then it would help plant seeds of doubt. Deb’s story was especially helpful, seeing as how her grandfather helped found Amway!

Other tips that may be helpful:
1) Do NOT talk at all about the MLM with your loved one! The worst thing you can do is ask questions because they will get disgusted with you. It sounds ugly, but it’s the truth -I was once an IBO, too. The brainwashing CDs have already negated you by warning the IBO that “your parents just won’t understand”.

2) Pretend the MLM doesn’t even exist. However, every now and then you can casually drop some news about a Diamond or Emerald who resigned.

3) Unconditional love goes a very, very long way. Caution! This does not mean enabling the person, but treating him/her as an independent individual, with all the responsibilities it entails (that is, they pay their own way for everything). If they try to use emotional blackmail to hit you up for money, make a reference to their so-called independence: “Oh? But you are an Independent Business Owner. That means you should be independent. And besides, you don’t want broke money from a broke person.” *smile* I think it’s okay to recognize birthdays and the usual holidays, though.