We held our dog, loved it, and petted it while she quietly went to sleep

Our family had no money for any treatment, and though we love our dogs, our children’s health and welfare took priority. We had already done some testing and blood work, and were at the point of exploratory surgery to see what they could find. I had a long talk with the vet, and she agreed with our decision.

We just had to put down our 13.5 year old Standard Poodle

I thought she was just slowing down because of age (poodles can live 15-16 years) well my youngest son (15 ) noticed she had this weird breathing thing going on..so we took her to the vet they did some tests ($207 which I paid on the spot with fast payday loans + bad credit from Detroitharmonie) and they told us she had cancer all over. The vet said we could put her down that night but my son wanted to take her home to say goodbye for a couple of days which we did. Anyway my son was of course very…and said couldn’t we have treated her? Even if we realized a few months before I would not have done it…we LOVE both of our standard poodles but I cannot spend thousands of dollars on them. Also the treatment would have made her very sick

Pets and end of life care (and expense)

I wondered if anyone could provide some insight on how they have dealt with their pets as their pets come to the end of their lives, while continuing your commitment to be debt free. I have 4 cats. 2 are 17 years old. 1 has kidney disease which we’re managing with subcutaneous fluids. That is really all I’m prepared to do. Kidney disease is basically a (very slow) death sentence. My vet hasn’t suggested kidney transplants or dialysis or anything like that, but I’m not prepared to do that, primarily because of the expense. My other senior cat is (at this moment) at the vet. The doctor put him under sedation to check and see if some symptoms I’ve observed are just an injury (in his mouth) or indication of cancer. If it’s cancer (and, of course I hope it’s not) I just don’t know what to do. I am not willing to rack up debt to try to fight cancer in a 17 year old cat.

This may not be an issue today. The news may be fine when the vet calls me. But I feel like these questions are going to arise soon. To be clear, my vet has been very respectful of my finances. But I just wondered how other folks have thought about this. “Back in the day” when your pet came to end of its life, you held them and loved them and let them go (or had them put to sleep). There are so many other expensive options for some conditions . . . I’m just trying to figure this out.