Yes I am crazy!

James is home now. We are both surprised to find that his schedule is immediately full. The hourly rate is not great, actually it sucks. But hey it’s work, right?
I am certain that things will slow down for him at some point so I have decided to get some training for myself so that we won’t starve while we figure out this new life. Since our area is so rural (5,000 people in 7,000 square miles) there is a great need for emergency personal. There is a volunteer fire department and a volunteer EMS. I have decided to begin EMT training for several reasons:
1. It will help my new local community
2. It is dirt cheap. The instructor is also a volunteer, so the only fee that I pay is the 300.00 to the State for the exam and license at the end of training. I looked into similar training in Atlanta and the starting rate was 2K!
3. I can take this license that I get for such a great price and use it to work (for an actual salary) in another county, evenings or weekends or whenever I am not home schooling our “little” bunch.
So now that all seems great on the job front….
Our landlord has decided that he really doesn’t want to be a landlord after all. (This was his 1st try). And so he wants his cabin back… See now I am a total freaking expert at Georgia landlord / tennant law; looks like I get to study up in a new state!
I honestly don’t know how I always manage to find these bozos. I really don’t. Maybe this was the just the push we needed to commit and buy a couple of acres. Land is cheap here and we can put a trailer on it for now. At least I will be Bozo free that way!!!
As far a show of our own….. I think every possible reality show has been done to death. We would need a really big “hook” like Honey Boo-boo, and I don’t think I will *ever* need money THAT bad. Let’s hope, okay?


Prayers are already coming your way from me to your family. I’ll add the job opportunityies for your husband to the prayer list as well, but I’m guessing his skills are not going to be in huge demand with the crowd you’ve decided to relocate with. Your husband must love you dearly. I know I have a huge admiration for you, but you are a nut. I love it! You’ve taken the leap. I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Maybe you need to start a blog, and dictate your daily doings. You’re homeschooling and becoming a newbie homesteader. You have tremendous religious values. Your husband has been working overseas.There’s got to be a lot of interest in all of those areas. I know nothing about blogging nor how to generate an income from this, but I bet Jan could help you in that direction. Perhaps this could help to generate some income for you as well. Why not?